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To the Bride to be,

Salon Mulan would first like to congratulate you on your engagement! Salon Mulan is also aware that planning for your wedding can be quite a stressful process, and we will do everything we can to make your experience as relaxing and stress free as possible!

With each bride, we like to begin with a consultation to determine hairstyle and headpiece placement. Each and every stylist will work closely with the bride to arrange dates and times of services. Salon Mulan can also arrange catered food/beverages to the salon the day of the wedding.

In order to accommodate your needs for your special day, we suggest you begin planning several months before your wedding day. Bridal services are often booked quite far in advance and it is best if you finalize your services early in your planning process.

We are so thankful that you chose to include us on such an important day, and everyone at Salon Mulan will make sure your experience is one to remember for a lifetime!


The Salon Mulan Staff